On Wednesdays, we SNAPBACK.

Snapback is one of Sydney's funnest gay gurl nights - a mid-week dose of babes, beats n' booze. 

Here's last night's RiRi heavy mix, cause I call the shots like wut wut wut... 


Wearing Fig & Viper, Versus Versace, River Island, Nike, Joyrich, Gogo Philip, Hellz Bellz, DNA headphones and vintage pieces from CHICAGO-Harajuku

Shot by Fabien Sena.

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Sky Ferreira support

Psyched to be supporting Sky Ferreira this week at her pre-Splendour DJ set with my homegals the Snapback DJs.

I'm a huge Sky fan and her DJ sets are off the hook. 

Come join us on Thursday July 24 at Snapback Newtown

Set times:

8pm -9.30pm Snapback DJs

9.30pm – 10.30pm Fingertips 

10.30pm – 11.30pm Sky Ferreira

11.30pm – Midnight Snapback DJs



My first ever EP, A.D.D CITY, is now available to purchase on iTunes

After a physical copy? Go check out Bandcamp

Or if streaming is your jam, it's on Spotify and Soundcloud:

Oh hey, look it's a track by track write-up, originally published on Tonedeaf:

Troublemaker is a fun little IDGAF song, with a killer dancehall beat and a bratty attitude. As the first track, I wanted something strong and introductory like "Hey, this is Fingertips, King Bish, and I'm gonna come fuck shit up…  #sorrynotsorry" It's also a bit of a diss track to everyone out there with archaic views on gender and ethnicity in the rap game. NineLives The Cat is an Aussie rapper living in NY and he also produced the entire EP so I really wanted his voice on here.

Play nice has had about a bajillion different incarnations. Originally it was this faux gangster rap tune called "CUT" about literally cutting someone with a knife. Hah! I got over that person, toned down the hate lyrics and added a melody. Now it plays nicer.

"I think dirty thoughts all day after spending the night with you…" This is my sxc little slow jam and it's all about the mindless desperation of lust and infatuation. When you know someone is bad for you but you just want more because being bad is sometimes so, so good. You know what I'm talking about. It was totally out of my comfort zone, being so vulnerable and actually singing, but it's the most honest song I've ever written.

Ooh this is my favourite track. It's like a dating song gone wrong. I can't have Telli from Ninjasonik with me all the time to perform it but I've learnt his verse now. The lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, it's about this douche dude with absolutely no game and then a batshit crazy bitch with a coke habit. I think we were both writing about real life people we've dated. I actually played the track to the original dude with no game when he came to a club in Sydney. He loved it, bought me a beer then sent me a text message essay and drunk dialled me later. Classic no game.  

This song was born out of pure insomnia. I'd been in NY for a couple of weeks and was overwhelmed to the point that sleeping equalled mega FOMO. It's that quintessential "city than never sleeps" vibe. That city actually has ADD. It's hyperactive ALL THE TIME and I love it.